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Vasto and the Trabocchi Coast

Vasto e la costa dei trabocchi

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, protected by the Apennines, Vasto is one of the most fascinating cities in central Italy.

According to the legend, its history originates from the civilization works desired by Diomede, king of Etolia, who after the fall of Troy sailed along the Adriatic coast for several years, until he found death occured on the now called Island of San Nicola (one of the close Tremiti Islands).

From the 5th century B.C., the ancient population called Frentani started a settlement in the northern part of the territory; from the 3rd century B.C. the city became a Roman municipality. Aftert the fall of Western Roman Empire, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Lombards and Venetians followed in the territory. Around 1300, the domain passed from Kingdom of Naples to Kingdom of Two Sicilies. The territory of Vasto was then assigned to D’Avalos family, who built the homonymus palace: its amazing Neapolitan garden can still be visited.

Vasto is a unique city, where tradition and modernity perfectly combine. Its beauties can be enjoyed walking in the historical centre, playing sport in the natural reserve, relaxing on the beach.

Vasto is the Southern extreme of Costa dei Trabocchi, the stretch of Adriatic coast which goes along the Adriatic Highway 16 from Ortona to Vasto. The so called “Trabocchi” are ancient fishing, made of pine wood whose long arms support a large mesh net. Most of them can be visited, and some of them have been adapted into small restaurants. With this regard, we recommend the visit of Trabocco “Cungarelle” and Trabocco “Trimalcione”, both located in Vasto.

The coastline is not homogeneous. There are several sandy beaches (Marina di Vasto, Libertini Beach, Punta Penna Beach), in addition to pebbled and rocky beaches (Mottagrossa Beach, San Nicola Beach, La Canale Beach and the amazin Punta Aderci Beach).

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